BeoPlay x Mew

The Sensory Spaces sound app unites indie band MEW and B&O PLAY in the quest for better sound experiences. Sharpen your hearing and motor skills to get all the way through an extraordinary interactive journey.


Agency:  Hello Monday
Role:  Art direction, Concept, UX & Design
Project:  iOS Sound experience 

Webby Awards shortlist ’14
FWA Mobile of the Day
Creative Circle shortlist ’14


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You will go through three levels called “Sound Spaces.  Users must seek out differences in intensity, spectral, and timing cues to locate sounds. Players’ mobile devices detect their movement, allowing them to ‘aim’ at the sound and navigate towards it by shifting the position of the device. 


When users complete the third and final sound space, they get access to an interactive bonus feature that allows them to use touch gestures to play around with an alternate version of Mew’s latest single “Making Friends”. Exclusive background videos can also be activated by manipulating various hotspots within the bonus feature.